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The Future Of Work: Thriving in the future workplace and the new economy.

By Solomon Ubi

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Business Leadership in times of crisis : Skills you need to thrive in the post covid world

From ThinkRight Summit

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What Our Students Have to Say

Learning is important and learning the right skills for marketplace success is more important. Think right university makes both easier.
Justus Inspire
From Lagos, Nigeria
Up-skilling is something i know would be a competitive edge for me as i build an online business. Think Right University provides me with courses that helps me get that edge.
Efio-Ita Nyok
From Calabar
Learning the right skill is as important as having money in today's world. With the right skill, you will have an edge in your business, etc. Think Right University has made this easier for me by providing courses that will hep me in the competitive market.
Amasi Austine
From Rivers State, Nigeria
Knowing the right thing to learn to advance my career choice was always a challenge. ThinkRight University makes it easy and offers skill based courses that has helped me.
Fabian Collins
From Uyo,Nigeria